Order Question

What are SKU Codes?

SKU  stands for Stock Keeping Unit, these are uniquely designed codes for each product. Hence, if you wish to track your order, knowing the SKU code of your product will help us trace it faster.

Can I cancel my order?

When orders are placed on our website they are processed and dispatched very quickly. Unfortunately once the order has been confirmed we are unable to amend or cancel this and it will be sent out to you. You will need to contact us as soon as possible for a cancellation before a product is processed and dispatched to you.

How do I know my order has been confirmed?

You will receive a confirmation email from our team that confirms your order.

What is the refund/return policy?

You can return the product within 5 days of purchasing it due to the following reasons listed below:

  • There is a Manufacturing defect
  • The size does not fit

Delivery Question

What are my Delivery Options?

Normal delivery: The product will reach you within 24 hours of placing the order inside Ringroad area

Express Delivery: With extra pay of Rs 150 you can reach get the product within 3 hours of placing and order inside Ringroad area

Delivery charge?

There is no delivery cost for customers using the normal delivery method.

Customers will be charged Rs 150 for Express delivery feature.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver inside Kathmandu Valley.

What are the Payment Methods?

Cash on Delivery: You can pay our delivery personnel when they deliver the product to you.

Global IME Pay: Download the global IME  pay app and make an account, virtually pay for all your purchases through the app.

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