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The Mint Studio

The Mint Studio actually happened as organically as peanut butter and jelly did and if you are looking for the quintessential start up story you are not going to get it. Instead what you will get is a grounding story of how just like the classic PB&J which was formed with such ease the different personalities working at Mint took it upon themselves to provide locally made products that were relevant to your lifestyle.

All the founders embraced their roles and celebrated their uniqueness to create a lifestyle brand that breathes comfort, ease and style. With a common mission to The Mint Studio a brand that makes your lifestyle inspired, we set out to design, produce and market products that made your life easy.

But! Wait. It gets better.

The Mint Studio is associated with White Lotus Crafts Pvt. Ltd, an organization that has vowed to help marginalized women in Nepal by providing them free garment making skills, a skill they can depend on for a lifetime.

Once done with their training these women work with Mint work together to create beautiful pieces with love and understanding! Yup, told you it gets better .

We love to create a lifestyle that inspires us and those around us.
We love a good splash of creativity in our products and took the help of inspiring women of Nepal who despite the odds have come together to give you a product made with love, understanding and inspiration.

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