• Tommy’s Turf

     1,800 2,200

    Choose one from our range of beds painted in vibrant and animated colors and patterns that match your pooch’s or kitty’s playfulness and personality. These are equipped with a comfy cushion made from recycled scrap cotton which comes with cushion cover made from locally produced fabric and flexes that are no longer in use. Keep your pets comfortable and stylish with this trendy new addition! If you want your own design for the bed, we can do it for you.




  • Full Circle


    When something “comes full circle,” it completes a cycle, returns to its beginnings. Discarded tyres are given a polished look with the natural fibre ropes locally produced in Nepal. Adding to its basic utility, these products can be a rustic center piece to your room and add an organic theme to its surrounding. There are several varieties fit for home decor, office utility and in eateries that are equal parts utilitarian and aesthetic.

  • Sar Jayanthi Set

     18,000 38,000

    A line of table and muda set has the perfect marriage between handicrafts and the concept of reduce, reuse, and upcycle. Named after the two talented craftswomen Sarita and Jayanti, this is crafted with much intricate detail and care keeping the comfort of users in mind. The detailed work of ‘Pater” is supported by the durable and sturdy (discarded) tyres. Pater is a type of water grass found abundantly in the Terai region. It is harvested by the local Tharu women and is cut and sorted in a special manner in order to preserve the materials endurance as well as its look. It is durable in its own respect and suitable for both indoors and outdoors purpose. Note: it is water resilient but not waterproof. Our SarJayanthi brings a calming and earthy vibe to its surroundings. Its unique weaving pattern has a whimsical charm to it that is much appreciated by viewers and users alike. The table and muda can be bought separately or in set. The set will consist a table, and four muda.

    For more information. tyretreasures@gmail.com

  • Dhukuti


    The word “Dhukuti” is a local Nepali term for a space
    at home that is separated for storage purpose. While
    people nowadays may not have the luxury of a
    separate dedicated space for storage, we believe in
    making the best of what we have and come up with
    multiple uses from our available resources. Our
    Dhukuti serves as a table as well as storage. One
    only needs to slide off the wooden lid off, and there
    you have your storage space.
    We at Tyre Treasures believe in green ideas,
    functionality and practicality of our products, and
    design. With Dhukuti, we aim to show the multiple
    uses we can gain from discarded tyres without
    compromising on aesthetics.

    For more customization options, please contact tyretreasures@gmail.com

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